Gum recession is one of the many unfortunate results of periodontal disease. When your gums are attacked by the bacteria that cause gum disease and no initial effort is made to fix bleeding gums or the bad breath associated with the condition, the infection results in receding gums and loose, shifting teeth. Gum recession visibly shrinks your gum line, exposing more of your teeth and making them appear longer. As healthy gums provide a barrier to bacteria, this tooth exposer increases your vulnerability to further infection and damage. The recommended treatment for receding gums is gum grafting, a procedure offered by Henderson, TX dentist, Dr. Loyd Dowd.


If you have gum recession due to periodontal disease, contact our office for a consultation. After a treatment to fix bleeding gums and create a healthy oral environment, gum grafting can restore your smile to its earlier beauty. There are three methods of gum grafting that Dr. Dowd utilizes, connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafts, and pedicle grafts.



Connective tissue grafts are the most commonly performed procedure. With this method, Dr. Dowd takes donor tissue from under a flap cut into the roof of your mouth. Donor tissue is attached to the area around the treatment site. This donor tissue and the tissue at the site will grow together over time, creating a healthy, attractive gum line.



Free gingival grafts are recommended for patients with thin gum tissue. With this method, our Henderson, TX dentist harvests the donor tissue directly from the roof of your mouth and sutures it directly to the treatment site, unlike the indirect approach of connective tissue grafts.



Pedicle gum grafts are generally utilized for patients with ample gum tissue, after a treatment to fix bleeding gums. With this method, Dr. Dowd will cut a flap into the surrounding gum tissue and gently stretch the flap across the exposed tooth root to cover the treatment site, suturing the gum tissue into place.




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