CO2 Lasers are designed for use during soft tissue procedures. The latest generation of CO2 lasers has been a breakthrough for oral surgery and all soft tissue management. Extensive research has been performed in the safety and efficacy of this laser’s wavelength and has been shown to be one of the safest and most effective dental lasers available today.


The CO2’s advanced technology penetrates the gum tissue only 1/10mm, thus making CO2 procedures virtually pain free. And, because the laser does not penetrate deeply, post-operative pain and discomfort is significantly reduced. The CO2 laser is also more accurate than using a scalpel with the added benefit of sterilizing the area when gum flaps are created. And it is common to not need sutures following a procedure as the laser eliminates the need.



The carbon dioxide laser uses CO2 gas to alter the structure of watery tissues like the gums and frenum. The laser emits a high intensity beam of light through a handpiece the size of a dental drill. The soft tissues absorb the CO2 laser pulse, which prevents the laser from penetrating too deep into the tissue. However, the laser beam is powerful enough to vaporize instantly infected tissue and bacteria without harming healthy gum tissue.


The CO2 laser is typically used during ginvectomies, crown lengthening, to remove lesions or tumors, or during a frenectomy. Because the CO2 laser is designed for use with soft tissues only, it is not suitable for all procedures. However, its accuracy and efficiency in soft tissue treatments makes it a powerful tool in our office.


Lasers have been proven to reduce pain, swelling, and bacterial formation that can occur during dental procedures. The CO2 laser ensures that we are able to perform your procedure as precisely and conservatively as possible.

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