Tyler Dental Care accepts cash, check, AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Our Insurance Coordinator will electronically file your insurance claim for you and is available to discuss your insurance information when necessary.


Some dental insurance policies are now providing benefits for dental implants. We offer several financing options, including many plans with zero interest and low monthly payments. Our solutions fit every budget!  For payment in full with cash, check, or credit card, get a savings of 5% everytime!


Compassionate Dental Finance, if you have a bank account regardless of credit score chances are you’ll be approved.  Tyler Dental Care now offers a new financing option with a 92 percent acceptance rate.



Financing Available

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Affordable In House Dental Plan

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Affordable In House Dental Plan Provided Specially for Patients of Tyler Dental Care

Masterpiece Elite Dental Plans Available

For Just $1 Per Day

No Plan Maximum, No Deductible

No Waiting Period

Works From Day One & For A Full Year

No Claim Forms

Ease, Trust, Respect

Superior & Affordable Dental Care

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