PDM_Doctor-Examining-PatientMillions of people suffer from gum disease. Gum disease is a chronic infection that is caused by the bacteria that inhabit the plaque on your teeth. The bacteria infect your gum tissue. As one of the receding gum causes, bacteria can result in bleeding gums and eventually, loss of tooth and bone. Many think of gum disease as a localized infection, but unfortunately, that is not the case. If left untreated, periodontal disease can damage your overall health. Dr. Loyd Dowd, the general dentist in Henderson, TX, treats receding gum causes, improving your appearance and overall health.

Initially, the damage from gum disease appears harmless, manifesting as bad breath, bleeding gums or inflammation. However, these symptoms rapidly progress to gum recession. Gum recession only aids the bacteria as the receding gum causes more of the tooth surface to be exposed, shrinking the natural barrier that the gums provide. If left untreated, the infection will cause loss of bone and connective tissue, and subsequently the loosening and shifting of your teeth. Eventually, you will lose your teeth and the bone structure of your jaw will deteriorate.

Periodontal infections do not necessarily stay confined in the mouth. The bacteria that cause gum disease can enter the bloodstream and circulate to vital organs, such as your heart, lungs, or pancreas.

Gum disease can also negatively impact other medical conditions, increasing the risk of stroke, heart disease, and dementia. Periodontal infection has been linked to low birth weight and premature delivery.


Receding gum causes include poor brushing and flossing habits, avoidance of dental cleanings, and neglecting to seek treatment at the onset of periodontal disease symptoms. Gum disease in its first stage, gingivitis, is reversible. If you experience bad breath, bleeding while brushing, or swollen gums, schedule an appointment with our general dentist in Henderson, TX, Dr. Dowd.


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