Laser gum surgery offers many advantages over traditional gum surgery. Patients who opt for the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) experience less pain and discomfort, faster healing times, and greater long-term health benefits. Dr. Loyd Dowd offers this laser gum treatment for Tyler, TX patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease as a gum surgery alternative.


Patients who have traditional surgery can experience gum recession due to the fact that traditional surgery requires gum tissue be cut to enable access and visibility to the site of the infection. The gum line can be reduced as much as fifteen millimeters, lengthening the appearance of your teeth and possibly spurring the need for gum grafts. This is not the case with LANAP®, the gum surgery alternative. LANAP® is the no cut/no sew procedure that is performed entirely without incisions. The absence of scalpels and sutures lowers the likelihood of undesired gum recession.

Patients who undergo LANAP® report less pain and less downtime after the procedure. There are several reasons that laser gum treatment for Tyler, TX patients yields faster healing times. With LANAP®, Dr. Dowd is able to control the flow and consistency of blood, allowing the blood to become sticky and seal off the area around the teeth for a closed, clean environment conducive to healing. Also, the laser used to eliminate the bacteria and diseased tissue in this gum surgery alternative greatly reduces inflammation after the first session. Your gums are healthier immediately after the procedure.

LANAP® can save otherwise hopeless teeth. The laser stimulates the regeneration of the bone that supports your teeth and encourages the attachment of the connective tissue, reversing the damage caused by periodontal disease. Teeth that would have been lost with traditional surgical treatment can be saved with this innovative gum surgery alternative.


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