PDM_Hispanic-Couple-Sits-on-Front-PorchThe importance of replacing lost teeth cannot be ignored. A smile marred by missing teeth is unattractive, unhealthy, making you appear older than you are and self-conscious. People who have neglected to replace their missing teeth learn to smile with their mouth closed or hide their laugh behind their hand. They may shy away from dinner with friends, embarrassed that they can no longer eat the same foods. If you need to replace missing adult teeth in Tyler, TX, contact Dr. Loyd Dowd to learn about the types of dental implants available to you.

Replacing your teeth with the many types of dental implants available is crucial to preserving your appearance and your health. If you choose not to replace your teeth, you may suffer these symptoms:

  • Bone deterioration begins immediately at the site of a lost tooth.
  • Without the ability to chew properly, you may develop a nutritional deficiency.
  • Speech relies upon the contact between the teeth and the tongue.
  • Your remaining teeth may move to close the gap, changing your bite and causing misalignment of your jaw.back your health, self-confidence, chewing power, and comfort that you deserve with Dr. Dowd’s Implant Dentistry.

Watch what happens when you are missing a tooth:


If you have missing adult teeth in Tyler, TX, Dr. Dowd can restore your smile using dental implants. Implants can be placed individually to restore a single tooth to a full mouth. They may also be placed to anchor a partial denture or three unit bridge, creating a permanent replacement for one or two lost teeth. If you have lost all of your teeth, dentures may be held securely by utilizing dental implants as a foundation. With implant supported dentures, three or more posts are placed in the jaw to anchor your dentures into place, allowing you to combine the price advantage of dentures with the stability and health benefits of dental implants.


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