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While dentures cost less than other restoration alternatives and can give you back your smile, they can never truly replace your own natural teeth due to their removable nature. The adhesives simply cannot hold your dentures firmly enough to prevent the slipping or shifting that is commonly experienced by denture wearers. There is, however, an option to secure your dentures using dental implants in East Texas. Dr. Loyd Dowd offers implant supported dentures to combine the affordability of dentures with the security of dental implants. There are two types of implant supported dentures: bar-retained and ball retained.

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PDM_Bar-Retained-DenturesWith bar-retained dentures, several titanium posts are strategically implanted in the jaw bone. A metal bar is attached to these posts and spans the length of the gum line. Your dentures can then be attached to this metal bar with clasps. This allows you to have a more secure attachment than denture adhesives afford and also prevents the rubbing and irritation that results from dentures resting directly on your gum line.


PDM_Ball-Retained-DenturesWith ball-retained dentures, three or more titanium posts are placed in the jaw bone, much like the procedure for bar-retained implant supported dentures. However, in this case, each post is topped with a small ball. Your dentures are then fitted with corresponding sockets that snap on to the balls that rise up from your gum line. This ball and socket method renders a tight, firm fit and while still a removable option, prevents movement of your dentures.


Implant supported dentures cost more than traditional dentures due to the placement of the titanium dental implants as well as the retrofitting necessary for ball-retained dentures. The best way to determine what implant supported dentures cost is to contact our office for a consultation. Dr. Dowd can evaluate your needs and medical history and then give you an accurate dentures cost, including the procedure for dental implants in East Texas.



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