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Dental Implants

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Dental implant costs are dependent on a variety of factors with your oral health. To get an accurate quote on your costs, call today. Dr. Dowd offers a complimentary 15-minute consultation with 3D scan to give you an accurate estimate. Costs will be outlined and there are no surprise fees or hidden fees at the end of treatment.


The cost depends on number of teeth missing, quality of your gum tissue, the number of implants needed and more. For this reason, Dr. Dowd needs to see you in person to give a precise estimate of dental implant costs. Call 903-405-2817 today for your complimentary consult or complimentary 2nd opinion.


Dr. Dowd finds that with almost every patient there is still hope and several options to choose from. You’ll regain your normal chewing capabilities, long-lasting beauty, confidence in social situations, and comfort you deserve after you choose one of Dr. Dowd’s exclusive treatment options.


There is no getting around dental implant cost. Why are implants so expensive? You have to understand that you’re not buying a product off of a shelf but rather are investing in a delicate and precise surgical and restorative service. When you’re price shopping it’s easy to forget this. Dental implants are “medical devices” just like pacemakers that are implanted into living tissue. Blood vessels, nerves, and sinuses also reside in living tissue. Placing implants to avoid critical blood vessels and nerves is both a science and an art. Dental implants have the potential to last for a lifetime when properly placed and maintained.


About medical and dental insurance:  Even though these procedures are considered medically necessary dental plan coverage for a patient with extensive dental needs is usually very small compared to what is needed to get you back to feeling confident in any social situation and chewing comfortably. All the dental insurance company wants is to pay for the cheapest care. They generally only pay for basic dentistry, not the highest quality of dental care that Dr. Dowd feels you deserve.

Here are some ways that our other patients manage their costs and get their care done:

  • Dental Insurance unfortunately only pays a maximum yearly benefit of $1,000-2,000 for your care meaning that the majority of your treatment must come from other sources.
  • Using cash (5%) and major credit card (2.5%) discounts for payment in full of cases over $5,000 to reduce cost.
  • Dental financing.  We have several companies that can finance up to $50,000 for care and in some cases even more based on your credit history. This enables you to have the care you need now and pay for it over several years to make it affordable.
  • Home equity loans; we can recommend several mortgage brokers to set this up.
  • Loans from 401K/Pension plans. Loans from life insurance policies.
  • Automobile or other asset refinancing.
  • Using a medical savings account through an employer’s cafeteria plan.
  • Gifts or Loans from friends or family members.


Medical Insurance in very rare cases may pay benefits for implant treatment if you’ve been in a car wreck or other severe accident. In the rare instance that your company is self-insured your human resources administrator might approve implant restorations. You HR administrator can give you more specific information.


Dr. Dowd’s dentistry is tax-deductible for most patients.  You can take a tax deduction for the full amount in the first year when you start treatment even if you finance your treatment over time. Your CPA or other tax advisor can give you more information about this.


Dr. Dowd and his team look forward to working with you to give you back your health, self-confidence, chewing power, and comfort that you deserve with Dr. Dowd’s Implant Dentistry.


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We at Tyler Dental Care are proud of the service and care we provide each of our patients.


At Tyler Dental Care, we work hard to provide exceptional dental care to our patients.

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